Towards Security-Explicit Formal Modelling of Safety-Critical Systems

Modern industrial control systems become increasingly interconnected and rely on external networks to provide their services. Hence they become vulnerable to security attacks that might directly jeopardise their safety. The growing understanding that if the system is not secure then it is not safe calls for novel development and veri cation techniques weaving security consideration into the safety-driven design. In this paper, we demonstrate how to make explicit the relationships between safety and security in the formal system development by re nement. The proposed approach allows the designers to identify at early design states mutual interdependencies between the mechanisms ensuring safety and security and build robust system architecture.

Elena Troubitsyna (Åbo Akademi University), Linas Laibinis (Åbo Akademi University), Inna Pereverzeva (Åbo Akademi University), Tuomas Kuismin (Space Systems Finland), Dubravka Ilic (Space Systems Finland), and Timo Latvala (Space Systems Finland): Towards Security-Explicit Formal Modelling of Safety-Critical Systems

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